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x This article has been updated for ME3Explorer v3.0

Welcome to the ME3Explorer wiki! This article provides a very brief overview on how to use the wiki, and where to get started.


The Table of Contents on the home page is your friend. Every single article on the wiki is accessible via this TOC. There's no reason to visit Category pages if you don't want to.

The latest "toolset overview" article, such as ME3Explorer v3.0: An Overview, is something that all wiki visitors will want to read. If you're interested in contributing content, take a look at the Wiki Editor's Guide.

Users | Installing Mods[]

If you've found yourself here because you want to use the toolset to install mods, there are an abundance of resources for you. Every mod installation tool in the toolset has an article describing its use. In addition, there are several resource articles that lay out a significant amount of information that's extremely helpful for both novices and more experienced users.

Be sure to look at:

If you're here b/c you've encountered problems with the toolset, take a look at all the above articles, and then hit up the various tool and Troubleshooting articles related to your issue.

Modders | Creating Mods[]

The wiki is much more of a work in progress for toolset modders. Now that mod installation and User Resource articles are finished, expect to see more activity in this area. Eventually, all tools geared toward modders will have their own articles, and the Developer Resources will continue to grow.

Coders | Building the Toolset[]

Basic information for coders is found on the homepage; check there first before heading over to GitHub. Certain Developer Resources are much more geared towards coders than modders, so feel free to take a look around, but this part of the wiki is very much a work-in-progress.

x -- The ME3Explorer Team