Caution All TOC Editing tools have been removed from the toolset. This article is deprecated, will not be updated, and is archived for reference.

The toolset contains two developer-level tools for editing the PCConsoleTOC.bin. For a brief primer on this file type and why it might need modding, see BIN File Format and Mod Formats.

As a general rule, editing PCConsoleTOC.bin files is no longer necessary due to the advent of AutoTOC, which has the ability to add and remove files, in addition to updating their sizes. However, if TOC editing is needed for some reason, the tools below will do the job.

TOC Editor (Standard)

Code Warrantyvoider created the first version of the TOC Editor.

The standard TOC Editor is the older and simpler tool. With it, you may view and search through the TOC for a specific file and then change its size.

  • File loaded in standard TOC Editor.
  • Editing a file in the TOC Editor.

To use the tool:

  • Go to Developer Tools > TOC > TOC Editor.
  • Load a TOC file via File > Open. Then navigate to the TOC's location on your HDD.
  • Use the Find String and Search Again (F3) options as necessary.
  • To change a file's size, select it and go to Edit > Edit Filesize. In the window that opens change the value and click Ok.
  • Save the changes to the TOC before closing with File > Save.

Command Line

This editor has various command line arguments to automate a single TOC update:

  • Automatically update a TOC file entry's size and exit the toolset — Using this switch, the parameter TocFile is the PCConsoleTOC.bin you wish to update, FileEntryToUpdate is the search term you would use to find that exact file in the search interface, and FileSize is the new file size you would set it to. As of revision 720 you can pass multiple pairs after the first to do a batch update. In prior builds this will throw an error.
   ME3Explorer.exe -toceditorupdate TocFile FileEntryToUpdate FileSize [FileEntryToUpdate FileSize]...

TOC Editor (AmaroK86)

Code AmaroK86 created this version of the TOC Editor.