Caution This article is currently outdated and needs to be updated to match improvements in the tool.
Code SirCxyrtyx is lead developer for ME3Explorer's Plot Database, created by WarrantyVoider.
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Plot Database is an extremely useful tool useful for both mod creators and users. Plot IDs from all three games can be compiled into a simple database, removing the need to constantly reference information on websites. Like any file, databases can be shared and edited by multiple individuals.
  • Plot Databse, image 1
  • Plot Database, image 2

To use:

  • Go to User Tools > Plot Database.
  • To load an existing database, File > Load Database.
  • Plot IDs for each game are stored on their own tab. Click ME1/ME2/ME3 to view the appropriate ones.
  • To start a new database, File > New Database.
  • Individual entries can be added/deleted with Edit > Add. Follow the structure of the code below when adding your entry. You can add as many as you want at one time; click the Add button when finished.
{17315, "bool", "[Bring Down The Sky] Killed Balak"}
  • Starting with revision 680, individual entries can be edited by going to Edit > Edit.
  • Don't forget to save your edits via File > Save Database.
  • Use Sort to sort the entries as you wish, and the Search field to quickly locate specific entries.