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This article compiles a brief list of other sites that may be useful for toolset users seeking more information about modding the Mass Effect trilogy.

Popular Mod Hosting Sites

Mods can be found on a variety of sites, including those listed below. Please note that we don't "endorse" or provide technical support for the mods on these sites. In addition, these sites likely contain mods not created with the toolset (and therefore may also be used without the toolset). They are placed here for your convenience:

Popular Mod Theory and Tool Sites

There are many, many websites that discuss how to mod Mass Effect 3, using the ME3Explorer toolset or otherwise. If you're interested in additional information that's outside of the scope of this wiki, check out some of these more notable third-party sites:

  • BSN Blog Pages — A large amount of information about how to mod the coalesced for ME2 and ME3.
  • BSN ME3 Modding Thread — Information on Gibbed Save Editor and coalesced modding, including links to plot bools, conditionals, and Gibbed's ME3 dialogue dump. Note, all conditionals can also be viewed in ME3Explorer's Conditionals Editor.
  • FaceEffect — Tutorials on how to use the Lazarus Project to remedy the ME3 face import bug.
  • Gibbed's Blog — Technical information and editing tools for a variety of games.
  • Gildor's Forums for Mass Effect — Technical information that generally focuses on animation/model exporting.
  • GirlsPlayGame — Information about modding Shepard's appearance and hair, as well as links to mods for ME3 and other games.
  • MassEffectModding on tumblr — Information and links to a variety of coalesced and texture mods for ME1, ME2, and ME3.
  • Mass Effect Wikia — Mass Effect lore repository that also contains some basic information about modding.
  • ME3Tweaks — A multiplayer-geared modding site that contains information-packed guides and its own, unique modding tools.
  • Ottemis' Blog — Texture-centric modding blog. Covers ME3 and other games.
  • UDK/UR3 WebResource — For mod developers. A very useful technical web resource for learning about UDK.
  • Wenchy — Home to a popular coalesced editor for ME3 with a user-friendly GUI.