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x AmaroK86 created Asset Explorer. This tool is in archival state and will see no future changes.
x This article has been updated for ME3Explorer v3.0.

Asset explorer 64x64.png

Asset Explorer is one of the original tools built for ME3Explorer. Like Windows Explorer, it uses a graphical tree-structure to visualize content. In this case, the PCC files in ME3's main Cooked folder.

While its deprecated editing features have been removed, the tool can still be useful for players with less technical knowledge who are simply curious about PCC contents, or who are becoming interested in modding. Mod creators would view (and edit) this same content with more advanced tools, such as Package Editor, Sequence Editor, Texplorer, Soundplorer, etc.

To use:

  • Go to User Tools > Asset Explorer.
  • Expand the single node on the left.
  • Double-click on the desired file. The tree structure now changes with the selected file at the top of the tree.
  • Expand any collapsed nodes as needed.
  • Click on folders to view their contents in the right pane.
  • All objects in the right pane can be right-clicked to open in Package Editor.
  • Textures and sounds can be previewed with right-click, though Texplorer and Soundplorer are much more efficient ways of browsing these files.
  • To open a different file other than the one currently loaded, go to View > All PCCs.