ME3Explorer Wiki

The ME3Explorer community found its roots in the Mass Effect 3 ending debacle, a history of which is archived in this PDF. After contacting Gildor in this forum post, Warrantyvoider and over a dozen other coders eventually created the 45 tools available in the toolset today.

Current Staff

SirCxyrtyx is the current lead developer for ME3Explorer, with Kfreon providing additional coding support.

Giftfish serves as Toolset Coordinator, tracking development, managing the community, and coordinating testers. She also designs toolset GUIs, graphics, and manages this wiki with Fog.Gene and Ottemis.


The toolset wouldn't be where it is today without its original creators:

  • Warrantyvoider
  • AmaroK86
  • Eudaimonium
  • Saltisgood

Since 2012, a total of fifteen coders have contributed to ME3Explorer. This includes the original creators and the following:

  • Aquadran
  • BCSWowbagger
  • Erik JS
  • Fog.Gene
  • Kfreon
  • Ashley66444
  • JohnP
  • SirCxyrtyx
  • MrFob
  • FemShep
  • Heff

Other Credits + Acknowledgements

A full list of credits can be found in the toolset itself. Next time you have it open, just click the info button in the sidebar.